Our Mission:

Remembering those we lost by caring for those they left behind by building wooden flags for their families and loved ones.
Our Vision:

Flags of the Fallen will build a flag to memorialize and remember every fallen military heroes and first responders.

Meet Our Leadership


Mike Morgan

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

(678) 787-9120

Unlike my partners, brothers and friends on the board of Flags of the Fallen, I have not had the honor of serving this great country. I owe a great debt to these men and all the people who have served. Through Flags of the Fallen, we plan to honor the memories of the heroes that we have lost by caring for those that they left behind by keeping their names on these flags for all to see and remember. Their service may have ended, but our gratitude never will. I read their names often so I will never forget what they gave for us. I hope to lead this group for many years and celebrate the lives of these warriors with many toasts, tears, cheers... and flags!


Joao Pereira

Chief Operating Officer 


I Earned the title of United States Marine in 2003 as an 0311 Rifleman. During my time in the Marine Corps, I deployed 3 times; Haiti and two tours in Iraq (Karmah/Fallujah and Ramadi). During my time, I served with some of the greatest men I know; some of those men paid with the ultimate sacrifice. I joined Flags of the Fallen to help in preserving their memories. 

David photo.jpg

David Stoller

Board Member 

I am a 14-year Law Enforcement Officer serving as a Deputy with the Criminal Suppression Unit of my Sherriff's office in North Carolina. Along with my full-time duties I am also the owner of Dwood Studios LLC where I do custom wood working and make various DIY YouTube videos including how to build a flag along with templates and pieces to build American Flags. 


John Gomez

Board Member 


John spent 9 years in the Navy, from 1997-2006. He served on USS Halyburton from 1998-2002, supported Exercise Solid Step on the Argentine destroyer Sarandi, was stationed at NAS Brunswick in Maine, and is a plank owner of USS Forrest Sherman.